Simulation #2

Welcome to Simulation exam #1 !

Enjoy your exam , 

Good luck!

Simulation Exam #1

You have to write 4 section of the test according to this time and order:

(20 min.)  20 MCQ in Biology             

(20 min.)  20 MCQ in Chemistry       

(40 min.)   40 MCQ in General English 

(20 min.)   20 MCQ in Medical English   

General Instruction:

  • Make sure you have quite place and you are alone in room.
Please prepare the following items:
  • Computer: good internet connection, mic & camera.
  • Calculator 
  • Periodical table
  • Writing tools 
  • Empty paper

do not:

Talk during the exam 

-  Use any electronic devises accept the computer 

Enjoy your exam , 

Good luck!

Weekly Test

Weekly test is for your practice !

It will cover topics studied on last week both Biology, Chemistry, Medical English and General English.

The test available every Sunday from 9:00 – 16:00 In this time frame you can start the exam 

In the exam 4 parts:

  • 15 Multiply question in Chemistry   (15 min.)
  • 15 Multiply question in Biology    (15 min.)
  •  5 Multiply question in Medical English (5 min)
  • 10 General English  (10 min.)

The exam following those rules:

  • You will solve each part separately one after the other
  • Each part have it's time, Once you start...  Time is running....1 minute for question 
  • One attempt to solve the test 
  • Once you answer the question you can’t change the answer and go back to previous questions.
  • After the exam close to all the students you can review the questions.

What you should prepare before starting:

  • predicable table (can be found on Moodle in chemistry course)
  • Calculator

Good Luck 🤞